All Court Edge (A.C.E.) Athletic Performance Training for Tennis

Created to take your tennis to new heights, SPORT-Rx’s A.C.E. program incorporates tennis-specific strength and conditioning, injury prevention and sport psychology. This proven program is designed for you with input from a USPTA professional with experience working at the International Tennis Academy USA (Delray, Fl) and with ATP, WTA, NCAA, ITF, and USTA competitors.

SPORT-Rx’s knowledgeable staff will help you:

• Improve your ability to quickly cover the court
• Increase your swing speed, serve power, and ability to add pace to groundstrokes
• Minimize the incidence of rotator cuff, back, and knee injuries
• Effectively manage competition stress

Session 1 - Performance Evaluation
• Biomechanical swing assessment
• Athletic performance testing
• Injury screen
• Mental toughness evaluation

Session 2 - Physical Preparation
• Learn tennis-specific exercises that fit your lifestyle and competitive goals

Session 3 - Rx Sport Psychology
• Develop a plan to aid adherence to exercise program
• Learn skills to master the mental side of tennis

The expanded A.C.E. package includes:
• The basic package (see above)
• 6 additional personal training sessions
• 2 additional sport psychology coaching sessions
• A medicine ball, exercise band, and stability ball for home use

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