Get the Winning Edge
The development of key mental and emotional resources benefits developing athletes striving to achieve, as well as players already successful at the highest levels. Led by Dr. Adam Naylor, SPORT-Rx’s Sport Psychology Coaching (SPC) program is designed to guide athletes toward improved sports performance, as well as mental and emotional well-being. By working closely with a sport psychology coach, individual athletes and teams are well-prepared for the rigors of sports training and competition.

The SPC program includes:

• Assessing each athlete’s psychological strengths and needs
• Developing individual player plans and objectives
• Building appropriate cognitive perspectives and relevant mental/emotional skills and strategies
• Nurturing character development (the foundations of excellence)
• Counseling and educating through transition and adjustment issues in sport
• Helping the athlete avoid distraction and remain confident
• Evaluating practices and competitions (reflection, debriefing, and development of future mental/emotional approaches to competition)
• Teaching the athlete to cope with injury and the rehabilitation process
• Consulting on team dynamics
• Consulting with and referring to other sport science, specialized psychological experts or medical experts (if necessary)

For more information or to reserve a time for coaching or team building contact Adam at 617-821-7133 or